Akuna Oval Football Lighting


In May we completed the football oval lighting at Akuna Football Oval, Hepworth St Chapel Hill.  The oval is home to the Kenmore District Junior AFL and Kenmore Bears Rugby Clubs.


The new lights at the fields represent state of the art in technology in terms of their efficiency, environmental sensitivity, sustainability and minimization of spillover. The project represents an $800,000+ investment in the Western Brisbane community and Junior Sporting Clubs that will have a life of at least 50 years.


The project utilizes 76-2000 watt light fittings mounted over 9 poles to illuminate 2 Rugby and 1 AFL oval. The lights can be switched for 3 levels of lighting for training and full night games. The technology utilized will reduce the power consumption, and increase the lamp life in the fittings, making ongoing energy and maintenance costs more sustainable.


The installation was hampered by the high rainfall experienced in Brisbane over the summer, but we have delivered a project that the clubs and the community are proud of.


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