Energy Efficiency

With the ever increasing Energy Costs, the team at TH Cock Pty Ltd can assist in managing your energy consumption.

We currently have a staff member undertaking a Certificate 4 in Energy Auditing with  Skills Connect, a service provided in conjunction with Master Electricians Australia.

The recent purchase of an Electricity Data Logger, we are able to accurately map your electricity usage and make recommendations based on factual data.

With the advent of reliable LED lighting, we are able to recommend energy efficient solutions, to not only reduce your energy consumption  but reduce air conditioning costs due to reduced heat and CO2 carbon footprint.

We are testing many LED products in house to ensure we are able to provide quality products, and make recommendations based on our own testing.

We have carried out LED lighting installations in several customers sites, and we are getting overwhelming feedback on the increased light output and significant energy savings.

If you would like us to arrange an energy audit of your premises, please give us a call.


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