Energy Efficiency & Power  Factor Units

Energy Efficiency is a high priority for all customers from typical domestic installations through the commercial buildings to the industrial plant and factory situations.

The team at TH Cock can anaylse the power needs of your facility and recommend equipment to reduce your power consumption. From presence detectors in areas of low use office spaces and installation of energy efficient lamps and LED lighting to having automatic control over non essential power, we can assist in the reduction of your power

Industrial plants are large users of energy and the team at TH Cock can investigate ways to reduce power consumption and reduce the demand on the peak power at all types of facilities. Power Factor correction is an issue for major consumers and the we can install power monitoring equipment to anaylse your power factor requirements and install the required equiment to be compliant with the Supply Authority requirements.

On 1 July this year billing for power to major customers will change from Kilowatt to KVA. Having bad Power Factor will increase your electricity costs. The team at TH Cock can calculate the size of the PFC unit required and have it installed at your premisis.




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