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LED Hi-Bay Lighting Replacement

The team at TH Cock has just completed the retrofit of nearly 200 Hi-Bay lights for Penske Commercial in their nation parts distribution warehouse at Viking Drive, Wacol.

The works consisted of the removal of existing 400 watt Metal Halide Hi-Bay lights and the installation of 220 watt LED effectivly reducing the power consumed in this area by nearly 50%.

Additionally the required maintenance on the light fittings will be significantly reduced with the light fittings selected carrying a 10 year warranty and expected 50,000 hr lifespan.

The team at the Roger Penske owned Western Star Trucks are extremly happy with the outcome as the installation has increased the lighting level within the warehouse facility.


Energy Efficiency

With the ever increasing Energy Costs, the team at TH Cock Pty Ltd can assist in managing your energy consumption.

We currently have a staff member undertaking a Certificate 4 in Energy Auditing with  Skills Connect, a service provided in conjunction with Master Electricians Australia.

The recent purchase of an Electricity Data Logger, we are able to accurately map your electricity usage and make recommendations based on factual data.

With the advent of reliable LED lighting, we are able to recommend energy efficient solutions, to not only reduce your energy consumption  but reduce air conditioning costs due to reduced heat and CO2 carbon footprint.

We are testing many LED products in house to ensure we are able to provide quality products, and make recommendations based on our own testing.

We have carried out LED lighting installations in several customers sites, and we are getting overwhelming feedback on the increased light output and significant energy savings.

If you would like us to arrange an energy audit of your premises, please give us a call.


Energy Efficient Project


The team at TH Cock recently completed stage 1 of a 4  stage Energy Saving project for Packer Leather at Narangba.  The project is aimed to reduce the peak energy consumption for the site by reducing the power loads on the water treatment pond aerator systems.

The project has used variable speed drives, PLCs and oxygen sensors in the water ponds to reduce the power requirements when the main factory is taking peak loads. A combination of time of day and oxygen level in the ponds, automatically alters the speed of the aerators to reduce the power being consumed and increase the efficiency of the power being consumed.

Initial trials are successful and we will be proceeding onto the next stages as the client requires.

Akuna Oval Football Lighting


In May we completed the football oval lighting at Akuna Football Oval, Hepworth St Chapel Hill.  The oval is home to the Kenmore District Junior AFL and Kenmore Bears Rugby Clubs.


The new lights at the fields represent state of the art in technology in terms of their efficiency, environmental sensitivity, sustainability and minimization of spillover. The project represents an $800,000+ investment in the Western Brisbane community and Junior Sporting Clubs that will have a life of at least 50 years.


The project utilizes 76-2000 watt light fittings mounted over 9 poles to illuminate 2 Rugby and 1 AFL oval. The lights can be switched for 3 levels of lighting for training and full night games. The technology utilized will reduce the power consumption, and increase the lamp life in the fittings, making ongoing energy and maintenance costs more sustainable.


The installation was hampered by the high rainfall experienced in Brisbane over the summer, but we have delivered a project that the clubs and the community are proud of.


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